Mutual Funds

Is understanding Mutual Fund complicated?

Investing in Mutual funds are relatively safer than selecting stocks. Indian Mutual fund industry have shown exponential growth over past two decades. We at Finance Gurukul are trying our best to make concepts easier. This will not only help you to prepare NISM Exam but also one can invest, advise investments in Mutual Funds.

Through the sessions at Finance Gurukul,  we are going to simplify the concepts of Mutual funds and prepare you to clear NISM exam (NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination)

Learning Objectives of Programme:

  • Understand the basics of mutual funds, their role and structure, different kinds of mutual fund schemes and their features
  • Understand how mutual funds are distributed in the market-place, how schemes are to be evaluated, and how suitable products and services can be recommended to investors and prospective investors in the market.
  • Understand the legalities, accounting, valuation and taxation aspects underlying mutual funds and their distribution.
  • Apply financial planning as an approach to investing in mutual funds, as an aid for mutual fund distributors to develop long term relationships with their clients.

Course structure (as per NISM)
1.Concept and Role of a Mutual Fund
2.Fund Structure and Constituents
3.Legal and Regulatory Environment
4.Fund offer
5.Fund Distribution and Channel Management Practices
6.Accounting, Valuation and Taxation
7.Investor Services
8.Risk, return and performance of funds
9.Helping Investors with Financial Planning
10.Recommending Model Portfolios and Financial Plans

Education has lost its value systems with commercialization of objectives. True Guru’s and Gurkul’s are rarely visible. With an objective to restore and revive the ‘Gurukul Value System’, we at ‘Finance Gurukul’, have tried to bring experts who have an objective to give back their expertise and knowledge to those who want to make this world a better place for all.

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