Technical Analysis is a comprehensive program for learning Technical Analysis with the help of advanced software’s. The objective of this program is to develop good forecasting skills for better understanding of the markets.

This program is unique in itself and the objective of Finance Gurukul conducting this program is to open new dimensions to forecasting by understanding the price movements with scientific principles & a plethora of tools & techniques making forecasting a logical process.

Course content

  • Basic Theory of forecasting in Technical Analysis  (Dow Theory and Fibonacci Theory)
  • Detailed Charting Software’s (Metastock and Advanced Get)
  • Charts Types and Patterns (Japanese Candlesticks, Head & Shoulders etc)
  • Technical Tools (Trend lines, Fibonacci etc)
  • Technical Indicators (Momentum, Trend, Depth, Volatility)
  • Templates Preparation
  • Practical Exercises for forecasting

Who would Benefit from Course:

  • Trader
  • Technical Analyst
  • Financial Advisor and Consultant
  • MBAs, CFAs
  • CA, CMA, CS
  • IFA, CIA
  • Bankers
  • Stock Brokers


Q – What is Stock Market?

Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet for specific product or services. National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange are two stock exchanges in India, where one can buy and sell stocks.

Q – How to buy and Sell?

A broker facilitate an individual to buy and sell stocks.

Q – Can we forecast stock prices?

Yes we can forecast stock prices to a great extent

Q – Who should plan for a career in stock market?

Anyone from any background who is willing to learn and give sufficient time to practice can plan a career in stock market.

Q- Can we do speculation (Short Term Trades) in a scientific approach?

Yes, by learning Technical Analysis one can forecast the prices for a short term and do intraday and delivery trades.

Q – Can Technical Analysis be used for doing Long terms investments?

No. Technical Analysis can only facilitate short term trading decisions. For taking long term investments decisions one need to learn Fundamental Analysis.

Q- So for an investor he must learn Fundamental Analysis?

Trader uses Technical Analysis and Investor uses Fundamental Analysis.


“We recommend to use earphones for better experience”


Course Curriculum

TA 1.1 Introduction to Technical Analysis 00:50:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 1.1 00:05:00
TA 1.2 Dow Theory 00:34:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 1.2 00:04:00
TA 1.3 Fibonacci Theory 00:45:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 1.3 00:03:00
TA 2.1 Basics of Chart 00:00:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 2.1 00:05:00
TA 2.2 Single Candlestick Patterns 00:00:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 2.2 00:03:00
TA 2.3 Double-Candlestick Patterns 00:00:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 2.3 00:03:00
TA 3.1 Price Patterns 00:00:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 3.1 00:02:00
TA 3.2 Consolidation Patterns 00:12:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 3.2 00:02:00
TA 3.3 Gap Theory 00:16:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 3.3 00:03:00
TA 4.1 Software Basics 00:45:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 4.1 00:03:00
TA 4.2 Software Tools 00:43:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 4.2 00:04:00
TA 5.1 Indicator Introduction 00:19:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.1 00:02:00
TA 5.2.1 Directional Indicator Moving Average 00:28:00
TA 5.2.2 Moving Average BackTesting 00:24:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.2 00:05:00
TA 5.3.1 Volatility Indicator – Bollinger Bands 00:29:00
TA 5.3.2 Bollinger Bands BackTesting 00:24:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.3 00:05:00
TA 5.4.1 Momentum – MACD 00:23:00
TA 5.4.1 MACD BackTesting 00:23:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.4 00:04:00
TA 5.5.1 Relative Strength Index 00:15:00
TA 5.5.2 Relative Strength Index BackTesting 00:16:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.5 00:04:00
TA 5.6.1 Stochastic Oscillator 00:21:00
TA 5.6.2 Stochastic Oscillator BackTesting 00:14:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 5.6 00:04:00
TA 6.1 Template & Daily Forecast 00:40:00
Technical Analysis – Quiz 6.1 00:04:00

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