Option Strategies in Derivatives seems to be a mystery for many. Lot of people practice just one or two popular strategies and believe the other strategies are too complex. Options are very logical financial instruments and can do wonders if you trade the right strategy.

This course would make you a master in option strategies. It would teach you the following;

  1. Types of Option Strategies
  2. Logics of selecting the right strategy
  3. Financial calculations of option strategies
  4. Designing a new strategy

Who would benefit:

The course would be very useful for the following segment of our society:

  • CFA
  • MBA
  • CA, CMA, CS
  • IFA, CIA
  • Bankers
  • Stock Brokers
  • Traders and Investors
  • Consultants and Advisors

How to make the best of this course:

In order to extract the best learning from the course we advise the viewer to follow these learning steps:

Step – 1: The viewer should read the objective of this course

Step – 2: Take the starting quiz to check your pre-existing skills, this would later help you assess your learning

Step – 3: The total content is recorded in a logical order so view the videos in the sequence

Step – 4: Read the supporting course content for more clarifications

Step – 5: Keep enjoying the Interactive Quiz after every Video – This will help you recap the learnings

Step – 6: Attempt the Final Quiz to see how much you have learned in this course


  1. Starting Quiz – Pre-existing Skills Quiz
  2. Interactive Quizzes – after every video
  3. Final Quiz

Learning Outcome:

After successfully completing this course the student would be able to:

  • Understand the logics of trading in different Option Strategies
  • Choose the appropriate strategy according to the requirements of clients risk taking capacity and market expectations
  • Financial calculations and estimations of Option Payoffs
  • Design new strategies

Video Content:

Video 1

  • Introduction to Options
  • Segregation of Client as per Risk Appetite

Video 4

  • Application of Synthetic Options

Video 7

  • Introduction to Risk Averse Client
  • Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Box Spread

Video 2

  • Introduction to Vanilla Options
  • Vanilla Options Strategies

Video 5

  • Introduction to Risk Taker Client
  • Straddle, Strangle

Video 8

  • Strategies for Risk Averse Trader
  • Butterfly, Condor, Collar

Video 3

  • Call Put Parity
  • Introduction to Synthetic Options

Video 6

  • Strategies for Risk Taker Client
  • Strap, Strip
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Course Curriculum

Check your Pre-existing Knowledge 00:08:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-1) 00:34:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 1 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-2) 01:06:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 2 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-3) 00:48:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 3 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-4) 00:39:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 4 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-5) 01:12:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 5 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-6) 00:52:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 6 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-7) 01:13:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 7 00:04:00
Option Trading Strategies (Video-8) 00:50:00
Option Trading Strategies Quiz – 8 00:04:00
Check How Much You Have Learnt (Options) 00:08:00
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