• Overview on Indian Financial System
  • Financial Institution, Financial Instruments, Financial Markets


Finance has been misunderstood by many as a complicated and complex area with too much of mathematics and number crunching. This is a myth and Finance is very logical and a person with good common sense would love it.
The course is designed to simplify the Indian Financial System and put the nitty-gritty of the financial system in the most logical way that even a layman would understand it.

Who would benefit

The course would be very useful for the following segment of our society:

  • CFA
  • MBA / BBA
  • CA, CMA, CS
  • Bankers
  • Stock Brokers and Advisors
  • Debt & Money Market Consultants
  • Mutual Fund and Insurance Advisors
  • Professors / Teachers (Commerce, Accounts, Economics & Financial Management)
  • Commerce Graduates/Post Graduates
  • IAS pursuant
  • Commerce students (School, College & Professional Programs)

How to make the best of this course

In order to extract the best learning from the course we advise the viewer to follow these learning steps:

Step – 1: The viewer should read the objective of this course

Step – 2: Take the starting quiz to check your pre-existing skills, this would later help you assess your learning

Step – 3: The total content is recorded in a logical order so view the videos in the sequence

Step – 4: Read the supporting course content for more clarifications

Step – 5: Keep enjoying the Interactive Quiz after every Video – This will help you recap the learnings

Step – 6: Attempt the Final Quiz to see how much you have learned in this course


  1. Starting Quiz – Pre-existing Skills Quiz
  2. Interactive Quizzes – after every video
  3. Final Quiz

Learning Outcome

After successfully completing this course the student would be able to:

  • Understand the Indian Financial System and its functioning
  • Role of Money
  • Myths and Truths of Money
  • Uncomplicate the complicated issue and jargons of Finance
  • How to take decisions in Financial Markets

Video 1

  • Debt Market – Introduction
  • Bonds, Debenture and its application

Video 4

  • Fractional Reserve Banking System
  • Bonds and Money Market – T Bills

Video 7

  • Operations of Stock Market
  • Workings of Exchange and Depository

Video 2

  • Overview on Indian Financial System
  • Financial Institution, Financial Instruments, Financial Markets

Video 5

  • T Bills Application – Yield, Discount & Rediscount
  • Demand and Supply of T Bills

Video 8

  • Corporate Actions
  • Effects of Corporate Action in Share price

Video 3

  • Inflation and Deflation, Growth
  • Interest Rates, Policy Rates, Global Interbank Rates

Video 6

  • Capital Market – Investor’s Perspective
  • Primary Market and Secondary Market

Video 9

  • Basics on Money, Inflation, Wealth Generation
  • Case Study of Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation

Financial Markets are very dynamic and changes happen every moment. Following are the changes that have happened since the time these videos have been recorded. It is advisable to check these updates.

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Course Curriculum

Course Content ( Video, Quiz )
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IFMS-Video3 01:28:00
IFMS QUIZ -3 00:04:00
IFMS-Video4 00:52:00
IFMS QUIZ -4 00:04:00
IFMS-Video5 00:49:00
IFMS QUIZ -5 00:04:00
IFMS-Video6 01:34:00
IFMS QUIZ -6 00:04:00
IFMS-Video7 00:43:00
IFMS QUIZ -7 00:04:00
IFMS-Video8 00:35:00
IFMS QUIZ -8 00:04:00
IFMS-Video9 00:54:00
IFMS QUIZ -9 00:04:00
Check How Much You Have Learnt (IFMS QUIZ) 00:09:00
Refer Study Material ( PPT )
IFMS-PPT 00:00:00

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